Everyone interested in the actions and events related to the National Coalitions can have access to the Official Publications of the European Union.



The impact of digital skills in tourism is depicted in the recent survey of  Oxford Economics (2017).


The report “Internet in Greece 2017”, conducted by the National Centre for Social Research, presents the results of the second empirical sampling on the use of the Internet in Greece within the framework of World Internet Project, carried out in January – February 2017.



In June 2018, a Subcontracting Agreement was signed with the Coordinator of the National Coalition on Digital Skills and Jobs and ALL DIGITAL as contracting parties. The Agreement and its Annex I stipulate a variety of issues, indicatively mentioned the rights and the obligations of National Coalitions.



On May 6th 2014, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed among public and private sector agents. All parties recognized the need for concrete actions in order to underpin the use of digital technology and to highlight its connection with labour market, determined their field of intervention as well as the context and the targets of their mutually agreed cooperation.