About National Coalition



The lack of digital skills as well as obsolete digital knowledge will have a negative impact on the unemployment rate of the member-states of the EU. Specifically, it is estimated that 825,000 job positions will remain vacant due to the inadequacy between the digital qualifications required by the labour market and those offered by the potential employees, while 25,000,000 Europeans have already been unemployed.

In order to deal with the upcoming increase of unemployment and its subsequent financial and social consequences, the European Commission established the “Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition” in December 2016, which consists of a variety of stakeholders from public and private sector, ICT enterprises, educational and vocational training agents etc. The ultimate goal of the Coalition is the diffusion of good practices as a means of tackling digital illiteracy and up-skilling digital knowledge.

The establishment of National Coalitions aims at facilitating the proliferation of actions against digital gap in member-states.

See also:  https://ec.europa.eu/digital-agenda/en/grand-coalition-digital-jobs-0


The establishment of the “Greek National Coalition on Digital Skills and Jobs” and the implementation of actions within the framework of the “New Skills Agenda” of the European Commission have been a key priority for the past few years.
The milestones for the promotion of the aforementioned EU policy at national level have been the following:
• the Memorandum of Cooperation for the establishment of the “Committee for Digital Economy”, signed in 2014 by Ministries, General Secretaries, the Federation of Hellenic Information Technology and Communications Enterprises and the European Commission,
• the establishment of the “Committee for Digital Economy” in 2016 in order to draft “the National Action Plan on Digital Skills and Jobs in Greece” in December 2016,
• the submission of the National Action Plan in March 2018,
• the creation of the website of the National Coalition,
• the recognition of the “Greek National Coalition on Digital Skills and Jobs” from the European Commission and the approval of the National Action Plan in April 2018 and
• the establishment of the “Greek National Coalition on Digital Skills and Jobs”, within the framework of “New Skills Agenda”, in May 2018.
The founding members of the National Coalition are public and private sector agencies. The Greek Digital Champion and Director at the General Directorate of Public Organisations is the coordinator of the whole venture.
The key priority of the National Coalition is the diffusion of EU policy on digital skills at national level, the establishment of synergies among members of the Coalition in order to enhance digital skills and eliminate digital skills gap at all levels of economy and society through concrete actions as well as the participation of a wide range of stakeholders (private sector, NGOs, Civil Society, hubs, incubators etc.).