1. What does the Grand Coalition for Digital Skills and Jobs stand for?
The Grand Coalition for Digital Skills and Jobs constitutes an initiative of the European Commission. It consists of a multitude of stakeholders that cooperate to tackle digital gap in member-states through concrete actions.
2. What is it implied by the term “digital gap”?
Digital gap includes digital illiteracy and obsolete digital skills that do not match with the demands of the labour market in terms of qualifications and skills. It has to do with every citizen, regardless of age, sex, educational level, job etc. and its consequences are visible to all aspects of both every day and professional life of European citizens.
3. Why is eliminating digital gap important?
Knowledge on digital skills is a key factor to find a job. It is estimated that almost 825,000 job positions will remain vacant by 2020, due to the lack of potential employees with adequate digital skills. At the same time, there are approximately 25,000,000 unemployed people in the EU.  Furthermore, taken the penetration of digital technology in our everyday life into consideration, bridging the digital gap is an imperative.
4. What is the target-group of the National Coalition?
Although its members represent different parts of the society, the Greek National Coalition targets both to citizens and anyone interested in participating actively. Indicatively mentioned, public and private sector agencies, ICT companies, universities and research centres etc. Citizens interested in catching up with the actions of the National Coalition can be informed through this website.
5. What is the National Coalition on Digital Economy?
Eliminating digital gap at national level requires the establishment of National Coalitions. National Coalitions consist of public and private sector agents. In accordance with the Grand Coalition, their aim is to promote concrete actions in order to eliminate digital deficiencies in member-states. The Greek National Coalition has been established within this framework.
6. How can someone become a member?
Everyone interested in becoming a member can submit the following form.
7. What does the term “pledge” imply?
A pledge is a concrete commitment by stakeholders to carry out actions, aiming at reducing digital skills gap at national level. The actions vary from education and training to every incentive promoting diffusion of digital technology and appeal to all citizens, regardless of their ICT skills.
8. Who is the Greek Digital Champion?
The Greek Digital Champion is the Head of the National Coalition. Generally, National Champions are appointed at national level to promote an inclusive digital skills policy at their country and assist citizens to acquire digital skills within a certain framework determined by the usage of ICT.