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Action Plan Governing Board Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition

The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Governing Board of the European Commission presented a nine-point Action Plan outlining the Coalition’s priorities.

A new skills agenda for Europe

A new skills agenda for Europe” is the communication of the European Commission to the institutions of the EU. Through this document the Commission indicates the imperative to adopt a transnational and concrete policy on digital skills in order to promote re-skilling of potential employees and boost employability and competitiveness in member-states.

Toolkit for National Coalitions

The European Commission edited a guide entitled “Toolkit for National Coalitions” to assist member-states to establish their National Coalition and underpin the diffusion of digital actions underpinned by National Coalitions.

The Secretariat of the National Coalition for Digital Jobs

The Secretariat of the Grand Coalition is the key factor for the promotion of the Single Market policy, concerning digital skills. Its structure and competences are included in the following text.

Shared Concept

A shared concept and the commitment to a common pattern are the basic prerequisites for  member-states to successfully implement the digital policy of the EU. As a result, a shared concept was agreed among member-states to shape the digital skills strategy under the auspices of the European Commission. Challenges, options and good practices are determined through shared concept.

The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Members Charter

It is essential that potential members of the National Coalition comply with “The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Members Charter”. By accepting the Charter, everyone interested in joining the National Coalition is obliged to cooperate with the other members in order to implement certain actions by 2020. Moreover, information about the support provided by the European Commission is provided.