state accredited certificate ict

State Accredited Certificate of ICT Use (Organization: Ministry of Education)

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Monthly Report: May 2019
Start-Expiration: Ongoing
Beneficiaries: 10.788 Participants


The “Pilot Interventions Support Program for the Certification of 3rd Class Gymnasium Students for the Acquisition of the State Certificate of Computer Science, School Year 2018- 2019” (MIS 5041663) under Priority Axes 6, 8 and 9 of the O.P. “Human Resource Development, Education and Lifelong Learning “of P.A. (Partnership Agreement for the Development Framework) 2014-2020, has been incorporated with the No. 679/31-01-2019 accession decision. According to the physical object of the project, the Action is being implemented to support students by conducting courses focused on their preparation for participation in the certification exams. ESPA Strategic Structure-Education Sector, as a final beneficiary, following all legal procedures, proceeded with the recruitment, with contracts of private law, of I.T. education teachers from lists of alternates, in order to prepare students of the 3rd Class Gymnasium for examinations for obtaining a State Certificate of Informatics. ESPA Strategic Structure-Education Sector then undertook the clearing of salaries of the hourly employed teachers. The Act, until May, is in the process of completing student support for preparing for the exam. At the same time, an invitation was issued by the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs, which was addressed to schools of Secondary Education that have PC laboratories to function as Electronic Exam Centres (KEE). Subsequently, the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs invited students who attended training courses under the aforementioned act to obtain passwords as well as a personal account in order to be able to take part in the certification examinations for the use of ICT in the State Certificate of Informatics.