Joint meeting of the DSJC and the DSM sub-Group on Digital Skills and Jobs

Greek National Coalition for Digital Skills and Jobs, represented by Unit of Innovation and Best Practices of the Ministry of Administrative Reconstruction, attended Joint meeting of the DSJC and the DSM sub-Group on Digital Skills and Jobs held within the framework of ICT 2018 in Vienna, on December 6th 2018.

Ministry of Administrative Reconstruction is responsible for the coordination of the Greek National Coalition and Unit of Innovation and Best Practices is competent for the operational coordination of the Greek National Coalition. Specifically, Head of Unit, Mr. C. Kokkalas, is member for the DSM group (appointed by Ministerial Decision) and Ms. V. Karagiannakou and Ms. F. Giannarou (Digital Skills Officers) joined the DSM sub-Group as member and substitute, respectively, also appointed by Ministerial Decision. This was the second participation of the Greek delegation in such an event (starting from Sofia in June 2018) after the official approval of the Greek National Coalition in April.

Unit of Innovation: Ms. F. Giannarou, Mr. C. Kokkalas, Ms. V. Karagiannakou

Joint meeting constituted an opportunity for Unit of Innovation to interact with members of the European Coalition, the National Coalitions and National Representatives and to catch up with the latest news on best practices on digital skills of other National Coalitions. There were fruitful discussions and exchange of views not only with the representatives of the Commissioner for Digital Society and Economy but also with the officers from DGCNECT, F4 and European Schoolnet.
Unit of Innovation gave an outline of the tools and processes developed to promote digital skills at national level as well as the actions undertaken so far in conformity with the following Actions included in the DSJC Action Plan for 2018 and beyond:

  • contribution to the success of the Digital Opportunity Traineeships initiative,
  • help expand the EU Code Week initiative to 50% of European schools and beyond school system,
  • strengthen existing and build bridges between different stakeholders and
  • raise the level of digital skills in SMEs.

Unit of Innovation shared its experience in the methodology concerning drafting the Action Plan and enlargement of the Coalition and contributed to the discussion on the ways European Commission could enhance National Coalitions.