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Empowerment of the policy for open data (Organization: Ministry of Administrative Reconstruction – Dept of Transparency and Open Government)

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Monthly Report: May 2019
Start-Expiration: 15/05/2019, 20/05/2019, 30/05/2019, 31/05/2019
Beneficiaries: 170 Participants


4 meetings took place in May to further provide data and familiarize people involved with open data. One meeting was held on 15/5 with 37 ministry representatives and representatives of civil society. There has been a constructive dialogue on the 4th National Action Plan in the OGP. The meetings held on 20/5 at the National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government (EKDDA) and the Ministry of Digital Policy involved 3 people and approximately 100 people respectively. Both meetings focused on open data provision and anonymization of personal data so that more data sets can be uploaded to the national portal. At the meeting held on 30/5, there were 14 representatives from ESF special agencies. The meeting held on 31/5, targeted representatives (16 high profile public servants) of independent authorities. In the last two meetings (30/5 and 31/5) the aim was to also further provide data sets.