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Boosting Digital Skills on job – “Digital Opportunity Traineeship” Programme

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Monthly Report: May 2019
Start-Expiration: 16 May 2019
Beneficiaries: 35 persons, including 23 business representatives and 12 institutional representatives and officials of ACCI

An event was held at Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with the active participation of ACCI, organized by the Innovation and Best Practices Unit of the Directorate General of Public Organizations of the Ministry of Administrative Reconstruction, to promote the national initiative National Coalition for the “Digital Skills and Employment” programme and the European Commission’s programme for traineeship “Digital Opportunity”, which is part of the Action Plan on Digital Skills 2019 “Digital Skills for Digital Greece”. The presentation highlighted the benefits of the implementation of the Programme in businesses, by offering them the opportunity to have access to candidates from universities and technology educational institutions abroad, who are endowed with high skills and eagerness to respond to the high standards of the new model of digital workplace.