The National Coalition for digital skills and jobs in Greece was launched on 11th June, 2018 in Ioannina, the capital of the Region of Epirus. The event, organised by the Region of Epirus under the auspices of the Ministry of Administrative Reconstruction, helped showcase the priorities of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition at a European level, and promote the activities of the digital skills and jobs coalition to end users who can benefit from training to boost skills and jobs. The Minister of Administrative Reconstruction, representatives of the Local Government, the Head of the Representation of the European Commission in Greece and members of the local Chambers and SMEs in the field of tourism were among those who attended the official launch of the Greek National Coalition.

The Greek Coalition is led by the Ministry of Administrative Reconstruction. Members of the coalition include Central Government agencies, Local Government agencies, private sector partners, social partners and NGOs.

The Region of Epirus was specifically chosen in order to spread the message that the National Coalition aims at organising and promoting digital skills actions for people and SMEs throughout the country. Digital skills are a gateway to inclusion and a means to increase employability and boost growth through strengthening the competitive advantages of an area, which in the case of the Region of Epirus is tourism. Taken the above into consideration, Google Hellas, which is a member of the National Coalition for Digital Skills and Jobs, launched a new program for the Region of Epirus through its initiative “Grow Greek Tourism Online”. The program will provide free face-to-face trainings and support to SMEs and tourism professionals to help them effectively use digital to grow their business and attract more visitors throughout the year. So far, over 90,000 professionals in Greece have received free training from Google’s Grow Greek Tourism Online to promote their business and areas online. 67% of the professionals have said that the trainings helped increase their customer base.

The launch of the coalition also presented European initiatives of the Digital Skills and jobs Coalition particularly the Digital Opportunity Internship. The Region of Epirus will be the pilot so that SMEs enterprises will participate in the DOT project under the guidance and the assistance of the National Coalition. Events to promote the project will be carried out in other regions as well.  To facilitate employers promoting the digital opportunity internship, the coalition created a translated application form to make the digital opportunity internships more accessible to them (  Moreover, the National Coalition is planning to promote this opportunity at universities in an event in the Fall held in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs and the representatives of the universities.

The audience of the event expressed a lot of interest in bringing the programmes and initiatives of the digital skills and jobs coalitions to their homes to raise the level of digital skills.

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Signing of the contract: representative of the All Digital (right) and the coordinator of the NC (left)