The Greek National Coalition is interested in stakeholders embracing its aims and targets.

The founding members of the Greek National Coalitions on Digital Skills and Jobs are the following:

  1. Ministry of Administrative Reconstruction,
  2. Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media,
  3. Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Welfare,
  4. Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs,
  5. Ministry for Economy and Development,
  6. General Secretariat for Gender Equality,
  7. Foundation of Hellenic ICT Enterprises,



Google Grow Greek Tourism Online Hellenic Open University City of Athens Municipality of Trikala
Oracle Academy Cisco  Social Innov ΕΕΛΛΑΚ
Revive Greece  mathemagenesis  WRO Hellas  STEM education
Microsoft  Region of Crete  Municipality of Thessaloniki  Municipality of Soufli