Boosting Digital Skills on job – “Digital Opportunity Traineeship” Programme

On May 16, 2019, an event was held at Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with the active participation of ACCI, organized by the Innovation and Best Practices Unit of the Directorate General of Public Organizations of the Ministry of Administrative Reconstruction, to promote the national initiative National Coalition for the “Digital Skills and Employment” programme and the European Commission’s programme for traineeship “Digital Opportunity”,  which is part of the Action Plan on Digital Skills 2019 “Digital Skills for Digital Greece”.

The audience consisted of representatives of the business world and executives of Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The event was welcomed by Secretary General of Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Charalambos Moraitis, who pointed out that digital transformation has brought up new standards to existing business structures, as well as new needs and opportunities in the labor market. The ability of businesses to remain competitive and grow depends more and more, on the innovative and efficient use of digital technology. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Athens meets the challenges of digital age and promotes a series of initiatives aimed at enhancing digital skills in businesses. Finally, he highlighted the usefulness of actions such as the “Digital Opportunity” programme, which enables young people to gain work experience and develop skills that meet the requirements of the labor market.

Subsequently, the Head of the Directorate-General for Public Organizations of the Ministry of Administrative Reconstruction, Mr. Nikos Michalopoulos, presented the role of the National Coalition, which is the pool of actions aimed at the development of advanced digital skills through encouraging synergies between the public sector and the Private. He pointed out that “business” requires practices of flexibility, adaptability to new labor market conditions and to the requirements of innovation due to the digital age that has overturned standards in businesses and the need for digital transformation. In this context, businesses need to reinforce the creation of digital jobs that offer the possevelopment of the labor force, in the labor market.

The presentation of the “Digital Opportunity” Programme was followed by Mrs. Kasviki Theoni of the Innovation and Best Practices Unit. The Digital Opportunity Programme is a European initiative that gives students, from different fields, the chance to experience digital education and development in areas, the market requires.

The presentation highlighted the benefits of the implementation of the Programme in businesses, by offering them the opportunity to have access to candidates from universities and technology educational institutions abroad, who are endowed with high skills and eagerness to respond to the high standards of the new model of digital workplace. The internships, within the programme, meet the needs of new digital business jobs and specialize young learners’ digital knowledge. Explanations and examples drawn from the European platforms and that could be used by potential trainees and businesses to initiate service exchange and implement the programme were provided.

The event ended with the presentation of Mr. Vasilis Salapatas, Head of the Information Systems Development and Support, on the “Innovative Digital Services of ACCI”. An interesting reference was made to a number of innovative services of ACCI, such as the “Geographical Information System and Support of Green Entrepreneurship”, “Remote Digital Signatures”, the “Tourist Gate”, the “Business Angels Network” aiming at the optimal management of market requirements and business facilitation, through innovative digital services.

There were questions asked on behalf of the public and a brief exchange of views.