open educational robotics competition

Pan-Hellenic Open Educational Robotics Competition (Organization: GFOSS – Open Technologies Alliance (EELLAK)

Monthly Report: May 2019
Start-Expiration: 15/12/2018 - 17/05/2019
Beneficiaries: 1000 Students and 200 Teachers


The 1st Pan-Hellenic Open Educational Robotics Competition ( is organized by 30 Universities, Research Centers, Non Profit Educational Organizations and dozens of teachers. The competition has been organized with the aim to mobilize teachers and students of elementary and secondary schools to collaborate on open technologies projects. The organizing committee consists of academics and teachers from all regions of Greece. The Panhellenic Open Robotics competition aims to introduce to the learners open source software and hardware and encourage them to develop their resourcefulness and initiative. At the same time, it aims to cultivate to the learners the usefulness of the use of open source software, and open educational content, for enabling the cooperation between teachers and students. In this year's open competition, 249 teams were initially interested, 219 teams participated with project proposals, and 104 teams from all regions of Greece and all levels of education (Kindergartens, Primary schools, High schools, Lyceums, EPALs , IEK) that have implemented robotic projects, Internet of Things applications, automation and smart objects with open design and low cost materials.