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Many seminars in Universities for the Future Travel Professionals

Monthly Report: May 2019
Start-Expiration: Ongoing
Beneficiaries: 2.129 Participants



Seeing the need for future tourism professionals, who will bring change and further development in the industry, the Grow Greek Tourism Online Initiative has been extended since 2017 towards the area of education. Free seminars in Universities are delivered by high accredited and trained professionals in digital marketing, in order to train the future tourism professionals on digital skills and tools (tools not only offered by Google but by other companies as well). So far, the Grow Greek Tourism Online program has trained, for free, over 24K students and graduates in close partnership with more that 40 Universities and Educational Institutions around Greece. The content and duration of the training vary.
An indicative list is:
• 2hours seminar on ‘Digital marketing’
• 2hours seminar on ‘How to design and build a Website’
• 2hours seminar on ‘Web Analytics’
• 3hours seminar on ‘Intro to Digital, Digital Marketing, Building a Website, Social Media, Analytics and more’
• 12hours seminar on all the above, including also Intro to Tourism, Digital Trends, Preparation and presentation of a Digital Marketing Plan and more.